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Horrigan Labs develops and markets the intellectual property of David Horrigan.

As an inventor, Mr. Horrigan has developed improvements in medicine, fluid dynamics, optics, acoustics, energy transfer, and materials to mention but a few of the areas where his expertise has expanded mans knowledge.

Taking a discovery from a new physical or mechanical concept to a marketable product is a specialized path and is dependent upon, not only the desires of the end users, but of the needs and requirements of the different channels, regulatory agencies and future corporate parents of the technology.

This is the realm of Horrigan Labs. Taking these breakthrough technologies and getting them to end users via the best possible route.

Horrigan Labs is dependent upon corporate executives and entrepreneurs who want to dominate their market segment with the latest technologies and most effective products. They bring their market expertise and we provide the technology idealized just for them.

We have hundreds of technological advances for most any industry. Not just technologies for consumers but industrial products, environmental products, and even new materials such as new light weight plastics or growable plastics that require no fossil fuels.

If you would like to see where your company could go with a shot of the future call us up and let us know where you would like Horrigan Labs’ … Science for Business to take you.


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